Episode 2. Acknowledging and solving problems with Emma Thomas

*** This Episode contains material which some listeners may find distressing, including references to sexual assault and panic attacks. Listener discretion is advised ***

During this episode Emma and Laurien cover:

- how the blog 'Under the Ropes' came to be and in which direction it is heading
- Identifying toxic gym cultures / behaviours
- grooming
- Strategies to check whether you are in a healthy gym
- Favourite Quote - trauma informed power lifting
- Future plans: evidence based: road towards safe Muay Thai

How to get in touch with Emma:

- @under_the_ropes
- https://undertheropes.com/2022/11/11/toxic-gym-culture-in-muay-thai-other-martial-arts/

Website and book mentioned during the episode:

- https://8limbsus.com/muay-thai-forum/
- Lifting Heavy Things, Laura Khoudari