Episode 6. Playing with Philosophy and Resilience with Sophie Thomas

Today's episode Sophie and Laurien talk about:

- Philosophy, and why it should become more accessible to the general public.
- The benefits and problems with academic studies in Psychology and History / Archaeology
- What is Resilience?
- How does Resilience show up in martial arts and daily life?
- How can we tap into our Resilience and how can that look like?

How to connect and work with Sophie:
- @sofitee
- fitlosophycoaching.com

Sophie is a Junior Psychologist with an MSc specialising in cognitive and computational psychology. In addition, she has been a fitness and health coach for ten years, training a huge variety of population groups both online and in-person. She specialises in behaviour or habit change and reframing psychological states towards creating enriching lifestyles, as well as pain science and injury. Sophie is a published author, with her book Fitlosophy encapsulating her values and approach as a coach.