Episode 8. Finding Common Ground in martial arts and society with Pharrell Shaymar

In this week’s episode Pharrell and Laurien dive into the topic of transgender, social norms, change and how to become an inclusive martial arts school.

What we don't focus on is the debate whether trans men or trans women should compete against biological men/women. Instead our discussion focuses much more on how to facilitate a changing society (whether people understand or like that or not).

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- @pharrell_shaymar
- @the_pad_technician

Pharrell is an accomplished speaker LGBTQIA+ Advocate and community leader. Pharrell uses the prism of boxing and training to advance equality and improve both physical and mental health outcomes.

As a former professional boxing coach, he brings a unique perspective about the sport, motivating others about self reflection and using movement within the ring to step forward in life as appose to fighting.

Breaking down gender barriers, and the impacts on mental health, Pharrell uses his life experiences to inspire a view we all can resonate with.

Pharrell, biologically born a female, is now a proud trans man taking the challenges life gave him by sharing his story, to educate, motivate and empower everyone to show we are all unique individuals with a purpose that is beyond gender. known for his unique story, Pharrell will inspire you with the tools that he used to transition his life, literally.