Episode 9. Meeting your Students where They are at

In this week's episode I am joined by Chris Round. 

When it comes to top athletes and how to coach them, Chris will be able to tell you and teach you A LOT. That said, he didn't start there right off the bet. He started with athletes from all backgrounds and all kinds of (temporally or continues) limitations. Chris shares what he learned from those encounters and how it serves top athletes and any coach in general.

About Chris Round:

Chris is the Judo Program Director for High Noon BJJ & Fitness in Alexandria Virginia. A black belt under 2x Olympic Coach Jimmy Pedro, he underwent several years of instructor training before branching out to lead several programs. After teaching at Pedro’s Judo Center, he went onto apprentice under Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and developed scouting reports for members of the 2016 US Olympic Team and 2019 US World Team.

He has worked with elite judo, Brazilian jiujitsu, and mixed martial arts athletes. These athletes include Nick Delpopolo, Ryan Hall, and Thanh Le. He holds the ranks of Yodan in judo and brown belt in BJJ (under Dr. Ferguson) and is certified as a continental-level coach for the United States. 

How to connect to Chris:

- @chris__circle

- Read scouting article here.