Episode 13. Narcissistic Traits, Cults & Flying Monkeys with Emily J. Mick

In this episode I am joined with Emily J. Mick. Emily is a BJJ purple belt, M.ed, LPC and owner and lead counselor of Upstream Counseling Services LLC in Norman, Oklahoma. Emily has worked significantly with understanding and navigating narcissists and people with narcissistic traits.

We will dive deep into understanding:
- why people with narcissistic traits tend to become cult leaders
- how cults operate
- what are flying monkeys and how do they operate?
- the power of pre-emptive stories
- how trauma-bonds are created and much more!

Disclaimer, in this episode we use our experiences to make that what Emily explains tangible and since our experiences involve mostly men with narcissistic traits, it is important to point out that women and any other gender can display narcissistic traits and act as cult leaders as well.

Want to get in touch with Emily? You find her in the following ways:
- Emily J. Mick on IG
- Upstream Counseling IG

Book recommendation:
- Psychopath Free, Jackson MacKenzie

Online article recommendation:
- Psychology Today, 9 ways why narcissists behave like cult leaders