Episode 14. Breaking Cycles of Violence with Jen Moore

In this seasons' last episode we learn about Jen Moore and her experiences with toxicity / violence in martial arts. Recognising violence and toxicity are no easy feats as toxic systems pervade your systems of self and self worth. 

We talk about:
- how to recognise you are in a violent martial arts environment
- how systems of violence work
- how such systems take advantage of already existing systems of violence
- why it may take a few times before you finally cut ties for good
- how it impacted Jen's life moving forward

Jennifer Moore (The Well Of Sound/DJ Freequeensee) is a multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in the Northwest (Seattle, Washington).

I sense no difference between art and existence. In this way I am an artist, as I believe we all are. I create as a practice of freedom. I translate life into sound, image and movement, to affect and accept its direction, path, and quality. In pursuit of inner vision and my own feeling tone of love, I work daily to allow creation and possibility to flow through me. I find sway and fluidity in the interplay between medium, with a focus in music composition, production, and sonic meditation.

The Well Of Sound is a sonic meditation practice, in which I offer group and individual sessions aimed at calming the nervous system while gently guiding it into the present moment. With the use of sound, music, vibration and reiki, we are reclaiming our bodies, minds and spirits one note at a time.

I practice liberation through process, and believe sharing to be an integral part of growth and healing. Love as modality is necessary. Love is all there is, so long as we have the courage to give and receive.

Get in touch with Jen through:
- Jennifer Moore Homepage
- The Well of Sound
- Sound Cloud
- Instagram

See you all back in September with season 2!