Free Masterclass:
How to become an Ally, as a martial arts coach or training partner, to victims who confided in you

In this Masterclass, we discuss the Do’s and Dont’s when someone contacts you with their mental health struggle, how to react in a trauma informed way and how to set clear boundaries. What is within your jurisdiction and what is not: you are not their therapist so you can’t give them therapy. You can listen and hold space for them and in case they need more refer them to organizations that can help them, which is why we are building the Public Directory for.

Register NOW to our Masterclass and learn how you as a Martial Arts Coach and Practitioner can help others when you are approached whilst keeping them and yourself safe.

Safety and Confidentiality in Martial Arts

We are creating an ever-growing Public Directory (database) on our website containing contact details of professional organizations regarding mental health / domestic, sexual abuse / legal aid from all over the world, so that coaches, members and anyone who gets contacted by someone who has been abused can signpost them to the right authorities.

To create this database, we ask help from the Martial Arts Community, so that victims can find the help they need!

Help us to populate the database

In case the message field is too small or you would like to attach a document drop us an email at [email protected].