Discover how to Bring Someone Back from Traumatic Flashbacks on your mats, so you can finally help your students on a deeper level.

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Learn the ins and outs on how to help your students recover from a traumatic trigger. Replay will be made available within 48 hours.

Wednesday 27th of October.

17:00 London Time UTC+1,
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Be prepared

You never know what your students have been through or are going through when they step on your martial arts mats. Therefore, it is important to know, apart from the usual physical first aid, mental health first aid as well, as it can always happen that one of your students gets triggered and is thrown back in the past. Knowing how to bring your student back safely to the present will greatly increase their sense of security in your school as well as transform you as a confident and trusty instructor.

Know how trauma works

First it is important to learn about trauma. What is trauma and how does it impact our body and mind. The next step is learning how to hold space for your students, so that they feel at ease and can enjoy your class optimally.

Optimize your coaching

What if you don’t have students with trauma? Is this webinar then still useful? Absolutely! Again, you never truly know who enters your school and with what they are grappling with. Additionally, learning to spot your students’ needs more effectively will highly optimize your assessment of the needs of your students currently not struggling.

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Have you ever been in a situation where one of your students suddenly shut down, started crying, shaking, or dissociating altogether and you did not know what to do? This free webinar explains what happens when a student experiences flashbacks and the do’s and don’ts whilst bringing your student back to safety!

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