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Trauma Informed Teaching for Martial Arts Instructors and Athletes 

Helping Martial Arts Instructors and Athletes to learn our proven process which teaches Instructors and Athletes skills needed to help students and themselves with Mental Health through Martial Arts, so that sustainable and optimal safe learning and optimal Performance is reached.

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A Trauma Informed teaching style is the optimal method to guarantee a safe and inclusive gym culture where everybody can thrive.

Become the most effective Trauma Informed Coach YOU can be!

A few times a year we launch our:

ThriveDrive Certification Program


Do you find kids classes difficult, exhausting and not rewarding? Do you dislike teaching kids?

Check out GritGrid! Our structured approach on HOW to teach Martial Arts to Kids ensures that YOUR Kids thrive and that YOU as a Coach enjoy the classes as much as the Kids!

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Do you ever feel disconnected and emotionally stuck with your Martial Arts Journey? Feeling like a ship without a compass that just floats around with no direction or purpose?

AliveAligned helps Martial Artists through a Trauma Informed approach with (re-)navigating their Goals, guide them through self-limiting beliefs, by means of teaching self-regulation skills and techniques, that lead to (self-)empowerment and ultimately to improvement, so that Martial Artists can Embody and Thrive the Martial Arts Life by Their Design.

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